Virus & Malware Removal
If you have noticed any of the following while using your computer:
  • A sharp decrease in performance over a short period of time
  • Unusual pop-ups asking you to download or buy something
  • Adverts appearing on your desktop
  • Unusual or intrusive adverts appearing on Google's homepage and search results
  • Email contacts asking about strange emails being sent from your address
Then you may have a virus or a form of malware on your computer.
Even with an anti-virus program installed, there is still a chance that your computer may become infected with a virus or malware due to authors of this kind of software constantly trying to evade the detection of anti-virus programs. We always advise our customers that free anti-virus is better than no anti-virus but paid anti-virus is always the best option as these usually come with a large number of features to help keep your computer, and you, safe online.
While pop-up adverts are annoying, it is the silent (and often unnoticeable) viruses, trojans and worms that are the major concern. Viruses, trojans and worms can run silently in the background without any real noticable effect on the users computer. They can steal passwords, credit/debit card details and even transmit your screen as you can see it to its owner.
We use industry leading software and advanced removal techniques to check for and remove most types of malware.
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