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If your laptop is experiencing one of the following symptoms:
  • Instantaneous random shutdowns
  • Loud fans
  • Uncomfortably hot base/palmrest
Then your laptop may be overheating.
Apart from the obvious annoyances that come with the above symptoms, overheating can be detrimental to the life of your laptop. Overheating can cause major components to wear out and fail prematurely leading to a vastly reduced lifespan of the laptop.
There are two major causes of overheating. The first is dust and dirt coating and blocking the laptops fan and air vents. Using a laptop on a fabric surface (such as a bed or tablecloth) can be a major contributor to dust intake. The second major cause of overheating is deterioration of the thermal paste that helps to transfer heat from the laptops most vital components and into the cooling system.
We offer a complete laptop service which will clean out the laptops cooling system components (such as the fan and air vents). We also give your laptop a fresh application of thermal paste using one of the most popular and trusted brands known for its long lasting and high thermal conductance.
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