Data Recovery
If you have recently lost files and are looking to have them recovered, please immediately discontinue any use of the device and store in a safe location. Continued use of a device after any kind of data loss will decrease the chances of a successful recovery as any lost files may be overwritten at any time during normal device operation.

If you are currently using the affected device, please take note of the phone numbers at the top of this website and discontinue use of the device as soon as possible.
We have seen it far too often; The family laptop or even that little black storage device sitting there holding years of photos, music and documents suddenly stops working. Over the years, we have had many customers come to us in despair about their lost files and while we always recommend that prevention is better than cure (Click here for information on backups), we are proud to say that the majority of data losses that would appear at first glance to be a lost cause, have had the majority (if not, all) of their files recovered successfully.
We use the most advanced data recovery software available to ensure the best chance of a successful recovery.
We can recover most types of data loss including:
  • Accidental file deletion
  • Accidental reformatting
  • Computer & laptop failure
  • External drive failure
  • Corrupted partitions / file tables / master boot records
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